Over the years I have slowly built up a career mainly from teaching myself to be really good with Excel. I’ve gained other skills in business and life, but knowing how to use Excel really well has always been one of, if not the key skill that has contributed to my career success.

As I’ve gained experience and gotten better at what I do, I’ve discovered or developed better ways of performing different tasks, such as automating them with VBA, learning new tools in Excel such as PowerQuery and PowerPivot or creating templates to extract exactly what I need instead of searching through the data.

Even though there is still more I can learn to do in Excel, my plan is not to become an Excel guru. There are many other tools that can do things better than Excel; Power BI and Tableau for example, and so I will continue developing in areas outside Excel as well.

I’ve also learned the huge value of working with others, and many of the pitfalls, and so I try to address these things too in my blog.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Iain Saunders


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