The Journey Begins: Starting Over

I’ve tried blogging before, but it seems like it’s a difficult habit to stick to. One of the reasons may be that I haven’t written much since my school days. Another is that I sometimes lack confidence in the way I put across my thoughts. This time isn’t really much different, but I’m not trying to be an expert on anything here, I’m just trying to give back to the internet something that I’ve just taken until now; productivity advice.

As a non-expert, I think I’m well placed to empathise with other people who want to be productive, with my more recent experiences of hardship and growth, and my lack of agenda or ulterior motive. I just want to help people like me.

So who are the people like me?

Most of my journeys start on one of these

Well, we hate doing the same thing over and over again, it’s dull and tiring and we feel like there must be a better way of working. When it comes to routine and standard processes, we strive to learn them as best we can so that we can break them and make them better.

We don’t accept that “that’s how it’s always been” from ourselves or anyone else, but we also empathise that change is difficult and that some people just can’t see the choices that they have.

We look around us at everything and don’t only wonder about what can make the world around us better, but what can we do to make ourselves better? Do the things we blame for our troubles actually deserve the blame, or is there something inside ourselves that we can change?

My Career Backstory

I didn’t aspire to much growing up. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I had some ideas, but no real drive to get where I needed to be to achieve them. I did not go to University due to fears of debt and failure, instead I tried to get straight into the workforce. I didn’t want to do any of the jobs that were available really, so I didn’t go anywhere while wishing every day that my life was different somehow, that I knew what to do next.

Eventually I landed a job working in a warehouse, it wasn’t much but I gained experience working in different teams, I developed skills I didn’t know I had before and I became proficient enough to train others and be proud of my work. In many ways, it was the start of everything really.

I’m going to dip into my past sometimes and write things about that, because I think it’s important to give that sort of context to your achievements in life. We avoid hardship in life most of the time, which is natural, but I’ve found that without the struggle, we don’t actually get very far.

So I have the struggle and I acknowledge its necessity, although I don’t always embrace it. I struggled in the past, I struggle now, and I’ll struggle in the future. But from the struggle I’m accomplishing more now than I believed I could and I’m only going to go further.

Another thing I embrace is that sometimes life offers you short-cuts to help you get where you need to go, and one such short-cut I am going to take is allowing WordPress with its default options to help me finish this first post, so I will just wrap this first post up with the first line that this editor offered me.

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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