How (And Why) To Stop Wasting Time Looking For Files On Your Computer

Here’s a tip that has proven more useful than having a tabbed file explorer like XYplorer or even nifty customisable shortcut buttons in that explorer. Create shortcut links for all your frequently visited folders and put them in your own favourites or special folder, then put links to THAT folder everywhere. If your work is spread Read More

The End Of PhraseExpress

No, I am not announcing the company has gone down the tubes, I am simply announcing that I have come to the end of my using PhraseExpress at home and at work. The last few weeks I’ve found myself using the text-expansion less and less, and the suggestions that came up becoming more intrusive than useful. Read More

Let Your Computer Work For You

Now that I’ve built up a few posts on other tools, processes, techniques and strategies for becoming more efficient and productive at work, I think it’s time to move onto my favourite tool: Microsoft Excel. Excel is something that many of us used in school or college at some point, and some of us did better Read More

My Habit Trackers Didn’t Work, Until I Stopped Using Them

Last year I started wanting to develop new positive habits and after not being very successful about it on my own, I decided to go ahead and try using a habit tracking app. It’s worth noting here that I’m an Android user (on Blackberry), so some of the apps I’m looking at may not be available Read More

How Post-Its Can Dramatically Accelerate Learning

Today I just wanted to post a Quick Tip of a productivity hack that I didn’t realise I was using until I suggested it to somebody else! In Excel, I use many keyboard short-cuts to be more productive. I am able to do a lot of things faster this way, such as selecting an entire column Read More

How To Make Friends And Influence People: Fargo Edition

Recently I was introduced to the movie Fargo, which I had avoided because of the hype around the NetFlix series, but I’m glad I finally watched. It’s one of those films where the theme, the characters, the story and the pacing all just fit together perfectly. No point in the movie feels like fluff or filler, Read More

What To Do When You Don’t Have To Do Anything

In my first productivity post,¬†Tools To Make You More Productive In Windows, I described how I felt overloaded with work. Being overloaded can light a fire under us, providing the motivation to develop faster and in more ways than we had before. Periods of high pressure, as long as they aren’t sustained, can be very beneficial Read More