The Automatic Update For The Real World

Today’s post is a little different because I’m going to talk about a game I like, but stay tuned, it is related to better ways of working! Slime Rancher is a game where you collect little slime creatures, take them back to your ranch and then do your best to keep them well fed and happy Read More

What To Do About Your Passwords

For the past few years, every big website seems to have been victim to some pretty significant security breaches, losing tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of user logins, passwords and other stored user data. Alone some of those websites being breached might not have posed much threat to our own personal security, Read More

Get Everything Done By Doing Nothing

Last week I didn’t write or publish any new posts because I was away on holiday. I was in the countryside with hardly any phone signal, no internet, no TV, no city busy-ness around me, just hills, mountains, forests and lots of small farms and orchards around. All my physical needs were met by my hosts, Read More

The Joy Of Procrastinating

There are many articles, guides, books, podcasts, videos, systems and processes out there to help us reduce procrastination as much as possible, because we could be so much more productive if we stopped wasting time and just got on with things. But sometimes we feel fatigued, worn out, by the what we’ve been working on. The to Read More

The Importance Of Not Holding On: Part 2

In my first post about not holding on, I spoke about how trying to stick to the comfortable ways of doing things and not considering that there could be better alternatives will hold you back. In this post, I am going to talk instead about letting go of control of things you feel responsible for, or Read More