Get Everything Done By Doing Nothing

Last week I didn’t write or publish any new posts because I was away on holiday. I was in the countryside with hardly any phone signal, no internet, no TV, no city busy-ness around me, just hills, mountains, forests and lots of small farms and orchards around.

All my physical needs were met by my hosts, so I didn’t have to cook, clean or anything else really.

I caught up on some much needed rest, some days taking mid-day naps, some days just lounging around indoors and outside. I also read a lot of books, even finishing off some I had started before.

I feel like that week almost allowed me to “reset” my brain, as I reflected on myself and my life and took pleasure in planning out the actions I needed to take to move myself where I want to go.

One of the best parts of having a week where you can’t really do much besides relaxing, is that when you have had time to reflect on what you want to do next, but don’t have access to the tools or resources to get started, it makes you hungry for it. For example, one of the first things I did the day after I got home was review my finances in full to see where I might need to move money around. Last time I did that it was pretty challenging for me, but this time I was eager to get into it and get it sorted, so it felt really easy and didn’t make me anxious as before.


Coming back from holiday, the feeling was almost like that of New Year’s when many of us start making resolutions, except with more motivation to get started and stick to my goals. Other actions I took the day after I arrived home was to finally buy the exercise clothes I wanted to start jogging again (just cheap track pants and top) and to continue with my home cooking plan, partially for better health and partially to reduce spending on eating out and fast food!

I’m eager to get stuck in and keep up this momentum, so I’m going to finish this short post right here and pick up tomorrow on what books I read on my holiday and what I got out of them!

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