The One Productivity Hack That Works For Anyone

In my view, the productivity world can be a little nauseating.

Everyone has their tips and tricks that can change your life, if only you try. But you can’t just try a little bit, you have to try in a big way. You have to dedicate slots of time to keeping your new productivity system up and running, checking in with your accountability partners or documenting every single thing you do. To someone coming to all of this fresh, it’s a pretty big investment to make when you just want to achieve a few more things than you do now. I was fresh once and still am in a lot of ways and a lot of these tools and systems put me off.

So how do we manage the appeal of becoming a productivity machine with the burden of having to maintain all these systems, processes, apps, calendars and just general boring stuff?

Well, if you’re like me, you don’t.

I’d find out about this new method, read a bit about it, get enthused and then get bored. Have you ever tried getting all your documents into Evernote? Or writing down every single task you need to do in a Bullet Journal? I can imagine hundreds of more interesting things to do with my time, even reading or watching a video of someone else doing those things is preferable!

Eventually something clicked and I did start following these productivity tips. I held a Bullet Journal, I started tracking my time with Toggl and then migrated both those things into Trello.

How did I finally get into it? I’d already said they were boring, and here I had got myself into doing them finally, and reaping the benefits of doing so.


I took one small step.

That’s what all these guides miss out on. They’re so focused on maximising your productivity, that they’ve forgotten that at some point you are at the beginning of your productivity journey, and no matter how convincing and enthusiastic they may be, it’s hard for a newcomer to get into it without having personally experienced the results.

And that’s the productivity hack that works for absolutely anyone. Start using to do lists, or reviewing each day by journaling, or adding tasks to your calendar, or writing down your goals on Post-Its and thinking about what you’ve done to achieve them every month or so.

That’s how I got started and now I’m more productive than I’ve ever been.

Take one small step, every day, it will change your life (eventually).


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