The Problems With Planning Too Much

I was reading an article on Medium today about how planning is more like escapism than actually making progress on anything. I’ve read similar articles and books where they convincingly put forth the idea that when we imagine things happening, we feel like we have made some progress towards them actually happening. While this may help Read More

What Could Happen If You Follow A Process In The Wrong Order?

As I am always looking for better ways of working (aha!), I sometimes like to step back from an established process and analyse what I’m actually doing. As I’ve become more confident and capable with my reporting, I’ve been challenging myself earlier in the processes I work with. The ‘big bad’ is usually the UK data Read More

Plan: A Task Management Alternative To Trello

I’ve been a big fan of Trello for a long time, singing its praises to my friends and colleagues and writing about it on a couple of occasions. It does have some shortcomings, but I’ve mostly found ways around these, such as Butler for automation and Planyway for calendar scheduling. While happy with the results I’ve Read More

Convenience vs Willpower And Best Intentions

In my previous post, I talked about how making things more inconvenient can be one of the keys to breaking bad habits and reducing opportunities for negative outcomes. In this post I’m going in the other direction, how we can use convenience to develop better habits and increase the opportunities for positive outcomes. I’ll open with Read More

Inconvenience vs Willpower And Best Intentions

On the other side of increasing productivity is the focus on reducing negative outcomes. Breaking bad habits, making sure not to miss something by preparing checklists, setting yourself reminders and deadlines; while great ideas, there is another option that I believe is more powerful than any of them alone and can be used alongside them with Read More