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Recently my team have been looking at a tool (Tableau) that is hoped to provide more in depth analysis, and quicker, than we are currently able to achieve with Excel. This is a bit of a blow to me because all of my best skills are using Excel and VBA, so when focus comes back onto this tool, I feel like I’m losing my place a little.

You see, not only can it be used for analysis, but it also has some reporting capabilities. Not anywhere near as flexible as Excel, but in some ways it’s rigidity is a strength. It’s certainly easier to maintain a consistent style in something like Tableau over Excel, I’ve often gotten irritated with the difficulty of applying a consistent style across an entire workbook, let alone across every single workbook I use!


So there is the potential to take all of my current reporting work and dump it in Tableau, removing a chunk of my workload. As much as I like simplifying and speeding up my work, I like it on my terms when I am the end owner. In a scenario where Tableau is the reporting tool, it isn’t clear at all who would be the report owner. Would it continue to be me? Am I considered capable of taking it over? Why aren’t I being included in more of these discussions?

I thought about this a lot today, enough that it darkened much of my evening. But there is a ray of light in the form of common sense (offered by my wife). I should just ask.

Just ask what happens to my tasks if they get converted to Tableau.

Just ask if I will still own the reports.

Just ask what my next step is if I’m not running those reports any longer.

I don’t like to challenge and question things where I feel like I’m at risk, and when I do decide that I should say something, I’m always looking for the right moment.

There is no right moment!

Just ask already!

Lets see what happens tomorrow.

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