Every Day I Ignore My Blogging Prompt

I started using Habitbull a while ago to try and keep myself on track with blogging. It seemed to work for a while, with me responding to the notification and updating where I had got to with blogging. Then I stopped updating it daily and started updating it weekly. Then I stopped updating it weekly and Read More

Do Performance Incentives Kill Motivation?

I’ve been reading articles and business studies about how rewards in the workplace do little more than motivate people to pursue the rewards. As a stand alone sentence, this sounds ideal, but when you dig a little deeper, all is not as rosy as it seems. When we introduce an incentive into someone’s role, we place Read More

Should You Make Yourself Obsolete With Automation?

Today I happened across an article discussing how some programmers automate parts of their job so that they need little to no input from themselves to continue doing the tasks they were originally given. This goes from things like automating data entry jobs to running reports for a whole company. This got me thinking about my Read More