Losing Sight Of End Goals

After passing my PRINCE2 Foundation exam yesterday, I was very excited about the prospect of getting certified in other areas. As an example, I have several advanced Excel skills (except maybe charts, don’t make me do charts), so it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge to get even an expert level certification in Excel. I’ve Read More

Why We Shouldn’t Fear Exams

As described in an earlier post, I took my PRINCE2 Foundation exam today and passed! I took multiple practice tests and tried out two different courses to prepare myself. I ended up with an achievement of 68%, with a pass being 55% and above. From the practice tests, I was sure I could score in the Read More

The Spreadsheet Guru Lives Up To His Name

As someone who does 95% of his work in Excel, I rely pretty heavily on all the available online resources that demonstrate methods. techniques, formulas and ideas for working with Excel. My career was basically launched on Excel skills and the first two real leaps in terms of job role were based very heavily on those Read More

I Hate Limited Time Deals (But I’m Stuck!)

I’ve finally looked into the PRINCE2 certification exam and not only can I do it online pretty much whenever I want, but it also happens to be on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. This would seem to be extremely fortunate, if not for two things. As with Udemy’s courses and the state of services and retail Read More

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3…

I’ve barely begun the third part of my PRINCE2 course on Pluralsight and I’m already itching to find out how far I’ve progressed. I’m going to partially blame Barbara Oakley’s Learning How To Learn course for this, as she describes testing as one of the best ways to learn. Unfortunately, Pluralsight doesn’t follow the format of Read More

Should Companies Provide More Training?

CFO: What if we invest in training our employees and they leave? CEO: What if we don’t and they stay? I’ve heard this quote many times in various different forms (unfortunately no idea of the original source) and I always enjoyed the insight it gives. It’s interesting how it affects different people in different ways. For Read More