Ditch And Switch… Or Stick?

In a recent post I talked about how useful I’ve been finding Plan for task management as compared to Trello. I absolutely stand by this and am still enjoying using the app.

I’ve not been using it for very long, probably just over a week, and I only wrote that post a few days ago, but apparently that’s long enough for someone to notice and suggest yet another project/task management app!

Introducing… ClickUp! As recommended by… them, on Twitter!


Okay so we have to keep hold of a little scepticism when someone is self-promoting, but I have to say that at first glance, it does look like their app does a lot of things right.

Scheduling: tick, multiple levels of organising tasks: tick, multiple views (including boards and lists): tick. I’ll stop there and just send you over to their features section to check it all out.

But I’ve only just gotten started using Plan and I’m still not completely convinced that it will enable me to move away from Trello. Because of this, I have tasks spread across Trello, Plan and Process Street, at different levels of importance. I don’t want to add another app to the pile to do a test run on, even if it does look interesting.

On the other hand, with such a huge feature set, it could potentially take Process Street and Plan out of the picture in one fell swoop, which brings about the question; am I simply creating more work for myself by not trying it out sooner?

This is not something I actually worry about any more and it’s something I don’t think other people should worry about too much either. We all have the ability and capacity to learn and adapt constantly throughout our lives and it doesn’t actually matter if we start from the ideal point or not. If you find something that works for you, then just go with it until it stops working for you, like I did with Trello.

If I hadn’t used Trello and instead waited to use something like Plan, I might never have got organised and managed to handle as much as I have over the last year. By just getting stuck in using a tool that I knew had enough features to help me, I got to where I needed to be faster. Spending time evaluating the very best choice to take only takes time away from making progress!

Rather than ditch and switch, I’m going to stick with Plan and Process Street for a while, because together they seem to address all the problems I had with Trello without sacrificing any of the lovely features I had there with almost no learning needed. I’ll certainly keep an eye on ClickUp (and any other viable suggestions that head my way), but won’t be testing it out for a while.

With that said, I’d be glad to hear from anyone who has experience of ClickUp, Plan, Process Street, Trello or any combination of them, so please leave a comment or Tweet me your responses! @BetterWayOfWork

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