Get Yourself In Gear

One of the most powerful things you can do right now is take an action towards one of your goals. Some people get confused and believe that writing down the steps they need to take counts as an action, it does not! Some people, knowing what actions they are going to take, feel like they are ready, they are not!

The only way to move towards your goals is to get yourself in gear and take action, not think about it, not plan, not write a list, but just do something.


I’ve fallen into this trap of feeling like I had made progress when I hadn’t many times. Buying a book to learn how to write VBA code better felt like a step forward for example, but the only goal I accomplished that day was buying a book on VBA. Until I started reading that book, I wasn’t closer to the goal of learning VBA, and having learned VBA, I wasn’t any closer to my goal of automating my work to free up more time until I actually started automating my work!

I’ve written about taking actual steps forward before, but I think we all need reminding sometimes, or perhaps just need to rephrase something to help it sink in.

So stop planning and thinking about what you will do, get yourself in gear and do it!

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