Productivity Power Tools: Process Street and Plan

Today I felt a little behind and unsure of what I could be doing. With my regular work and Process Street, I am always sure of the next step I can be taking there, but I’m less sure of my ad-hoc tasks in Plan.

I guess it is a little to be expected since I have been moving tasks across from Trello and don’t have everything in a central location any more, that and Plan is a newer platform to me so it’s not just learning how it works but also becoming comfortable with using it and trusting it to hold my tasks for me instead of putting them in notebooks or leaving them in my email inbox (yes, I know this is bad, let’s move on).

With Process Street I am absolutely happy with the way it works and the ease with which I can edit the templates. Not only that, but it is incredibly reassuring to know that whenever I add some new detail into a template, it will be available for all future templates, preserving the notes, checklists and tips that I may have added along the way.

My only criticism on Process Street, which also applies to Trello and Plan really, is that I can’t see a way to export it to an Office document, which means that if the service changes in a way that makes it less valuable for me, or the company maintaining it disappears, or they move onto something else and stop supporting it, then I would lose the work I’d put into preparing all those templates. Not only that, but I rely on other people signing in to the service so that they can use my templates, I don’t like barriers to entry.

Plan on the other hand is clearly very useful, and I really appreciate the multiple views on my tasks available. One thing that bugged me with Trello was having all the lists visible all the time, so much so that I installed a Chrome extension to hide the contents of those lists when I press a little x. In Plan I feel like they’re a little bit more hidden and whilst it isn’t that much trouble to check through them and see what’s on there, I do feel like it would benefit from an option to view everything together at once. When I was trying to fit all my different methods of task management into Trello, I found myself sticking to one central board and moving tasks into it when I wanted them in my view, which I found really handy if a bit cluttered.


Overall I still feel both of these options are fulfilling most of the needs I had when working in Trello, and Process Street especially does a far better job with detailed recurring checklists than I think Trello could ever manage, which is okay because Trello isn’t really designed for that type of thing and Process Street is.

I’m going to carry on trialling these and see what works out. I noticed that Plan has options for recurring lists, but I’m not looking into it just yet because Process Street works so well, although it would be nice to have just one location for all my tasks!

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