Master Your Current Role, Develop For Your Future

I’ve started looking more into the areas I want to develop in and found a wealth of resources. I think that part of my lack of awareness before was because I wasn’t imagining myself in the next stage of my career, I was too busy focusing on optimising what I’m doing in the current stage. This was dumb really, because getting really, really good at my current job isn’t going to do a lot to prepare me for the next one, it’s just going to make the current one easier.

Some people might read this and think, if you do a good enough job, surely you’ll get promoted? Well actually, even if you are a superstar at your job, if you aren’t able to demonstrate the skills required for the next stage in your career, then why would anyone else believe that you’re ready?


I’m not saying that you should neglect the duties of your current role, far from it, but you don’t need to be at the absolute pinnacle of what can be achieved in your current role to move up to the next level. All you need to do is meet the expectations of the role, maybe go a little further sometimes, while also developing the skills you will need in the next stage.

I’ve managed to do some of that already without really noticing it, because some of the skills I would need to develop are ones I had to acquire to be able to handle the sudden avalanche of work that fell on my shoulders when two colleagues on my team left for other companies, one after the other.

I had to learn better task management and organisation, I had to develop a better commercial awareness and be able to explain commercial and financial elements in my reports, I started to set deadlines and boundaries.

All of these things are skills I needed to be developing to be ready for the next stage in my career and I got a pretty good start so far. Now with the PRINCE2 course underway on Pluralsight, and several others in my sights on other learning websites, it’s only a matter of time before I am confident that I am ready to step into my future role.

And while I’m at it, I’m going to continue to rock my current role, because even when I’m developing myself, I can’t help developing better ways of working!

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