How To Be A Better Writer?

Recently I’ve read some articles and blog posts about writing, and more often than not they recommend structure, planning, plotting etc. to really be an effective writer.

When reading something like this, it’s not hard to feel somewhat deficient in my style of writing, where I just take an idea and write out what I think about it at the time. Before I can worry about it too much, I hit publish and the post is out there for anyone to criticise and judge.

Maybe I’m not a good writer, maybe some people have come by and read a post or two and decided that I’m wasting their time.


But… it doesn’t matter. Sure, I’m not writing as a proper writer would, or even as a blogger would, but I’m still getting out ideas and solutions that could help people, while also developing my writing muscles.

One of the things that reassures me that I’m going in the right direction is how much easier it feels to write every day now, although some posts are shorter than others of course. Another reassurance is the book I’m currently reading, Peak, especially where they talk about developing mental representations that you hold in your mind of the things that you do, from chess games to athletics. The more I write, the more I develop my mental representation of writing and the more I can subsequently add to that representation.

So maybe I don’t plan my posts, maybe I don’t structure them, but one day I could incorporate those things into my writing method and for now I can just enjoy the journey.

For anyone reading, thank you for your patience and I hope you’ve managed to sift out something useful from my posts so far!

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