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Today I realised that I probably won’t have all the time I want to share my VBA skills with the people I work with. I’ve spent some time with a couple of people, and it has even been suggested that I deliver some sort of VBA training session to introduce people to the basics and demonstrating how they might benefit from it. However, I am only one man and I only have so much time and the majority of my time that isn’t spent doing routine tasks or responding to queries is spent simplifying and automating those routine tasks.

So what does a person do when they don’t have enough time to share their own knowledge? They find someone they can trust to do it for them! And I remembered a course I had taken on Udemy just to learn how to create looping code routines in VBA, but was packed with all sorts of VBA training.


I think this might even be the only formal VBA training I have had over the years, everything else has been pretty much as and when I needed it, messing about with code snippets found online, getting better through trial and error.

Sometimes I forget about the steps I’ve taken to get where I am and worry that there isn’t a real path to get here, not one I can explain easily anyway, but that’s not completely true, there are courses and books and simple things I’ve done over time that have developed the foundations of  the skills I have today.

So that’s going to be my goal for the next few posts, sharing what experiences I have had so far as well as my current and future experiences, because we all need a foundation to start from and it would be silly for me to overlook it!

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