Halving My Workload?

Today I almost hit a goal I’ve been striving towards for some time and have briefly come close to on a few occasions. That goal was having completed all of the standard monthly reporting within the first two weeks of the month.

When I began my current job,the monthly reporting would regularly take the whole month, and was split between myself and a colleague. A fair bit of the work was reviewing the results to be fair, but there was certainly a great deal of manual work involved in preparing the reports before they could be analysed.

Fast forward to now and I do all the monthly reporting myself and if no changes are needed or no other obstacles to completing the reports come up, I should be able to complete them all in the first two weeks of the month, leaving me with two weeks to work on many other things.

Unfortunately, obstacles have been encountered and changes have been requested!

The changes aren’t so bad, I’ve already applied them in fact and they were a nice change from the standard reporting work, however the obstacles remain and rely on cooperation from colleagues in other departments to overcome them.

There is one day left in this week and there is the possibility that despite the obstacles, I could still just about get these reports done, but I’m not going to let myself feel down if that doesn’t happen. Getting everything done in half the usual time with obstacles and changes is not something that anyone expects and pressuring myself to get to that point isn’t going to benefit me.

Maybe next month will be the one? It doesn’t really matter, it’d just be nice.

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