Not Doing Much And Trying Not To Feel Guilty!

I’ve written before about how it’s a good idea to take some time to relax and calm down from life, you don’t need to feel guilty about not really doing anything because we can’t be “on” all the time.

Most of this weekend has been like that for me. I’ve woken up and spent the morning in pyjamas, got a take away or ready meal lunch, watched YouTube videos for the rest of the day and spent maybe 2 hours maximum doing useful things like housework.

The only other thing I’ve really done so far was check up on my finances and get a couple of blog posts in. I’m starting to feel stretched-thin so it’s only natural that I rebel against this almost constant working and just take some time to veg out.


And that’s the end of the post, just me being a lazy carrot (not conforming to the couch potato stereotype)!

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