Love My Night Owl Nature

It doesn’t take long to find an article extolling the virtues of getting up early to start your day right. Get up a couple hours earlier than usual and do all the things that you probably won’t get to until the end of the day, such as studying, exercise and life admin. I can see the benefit, but the trouble is, I already do most of these things in the evening and have been doing so for many years!

Every weekday I come home from work, have dinner and a chat with my wife, and then I look at the things I want to do. Sometimes I’ll procrastinate a little and play a game or two, but eventually I’ll start studying whatever I’m interested in at the time (PRINCE2 right now) or read or write something on my blog here.


I could do those things in the morning and start my day with a bang, but I already enjoy doing these things at night and it fits better with both mine and my wife’s lifestyle.

My main gripe with the prevalence of the advice to get up early is that it means that the option to get things done in the evening isn’t given much attention. Some people who just can’t push themselves to get up early may think that’s the only way they could be as productive as they want to be, and just give up instead of trying to fit things in at a different time of day!

I’m a night owl who is happy to sit down at his computer at 11pm and write on a blog, go through some revision or video lectures or even sort out some life admin like paying bills, planning some activities or just preparing for the next day.

You don’t have to get up early to change your life, you just have to start changing it.

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