The Beauty Of Sleep

Over the last few days I’ve been neglecting my sleep more than usual. I’ve stayed up late, got up early and pushed my brain harder than before. We’ve been devising plans of action for the next few months and I’ve been brainstorming methods to simplify, automate and break down my reports at work, at home, on my commute.

It has been exhausting and my productivity took such a nose dive today that I just had to stop, twice, for over an hour each time.

I tried to shake it off as fatigue over the report I was working on (it isn’t one I particularly enjoy), but it’s actually just regular old fatigue. I had dinner and fell asleep for an hour tonight, then woke up and went to lie down for five minutes, waking up after another hour.

Do not neglect your sleep, especially when you’ve been working your mind harder than usual! It’s funny to think that we need more rest just from thinking more than usual, but we do.

So tonight I’m keeping this post short and sweet so I can get some beauty sleep and if you’ve noticed your attention dropping off or decisions becoming more difficult, you may just need your beauty sleep too.


Good night!

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