I Hate Limited Time Deals (But I’m Stuck!)

I’ve finally looked into the PRINCE2 certification exam and not only can I do it online pretty much whenever I want, but it also happens to be on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. This would seem to be extremely fortunate, if not for two things.

  1. As with Udemy’s courses and the state of services and retail at the moment, I suspect that they may almost always be on sale. How do I know for sure that it’s a good deal now?
  2. I haven’t even finished the cram course yet and the deal expires tomorrow afternoon.

So my options are to buy it now, book a date when I’m sure I’ll be ready (next week?) and cram, cram, CRAM. Or I can let the deal go and risk the price staying that way for a while, eventually paying more to take the test later.


I used to really worry about these kinds of decisions, but lets just look into the actual problem points here:

  • I don’t want to spend more money than I have to
  • I’m not ready right now to take the exam

And then my counterpoints:

  • The price difference is not exorbitant, I’d just have to skip a couple of takeaways
  • I will probably be ready within a week, based on my practice exam results

Since I’ve laid it out like that, it seems obvious I should just buy an exam entry and book it for next week, right? Normally, yes, but things are not normal this week, this week I have booked two week days off. If I use at least half of one of those days to cram and revise, I should be ready for the exam that very same day (since the cram course is 3 hours total and I’m at least a third of the way in).

This problem comes up again and again when I want to invest in some course and training, but I always end up taking the decision to spend the money on it and so far I’ve always ended up better off.

So after some deliberation while writing this post, I’ve booked my test for Thursday early afternoon. Now I have a hard deadline when I need to be ready, one I chose myself because I’ve made friends with deadlines, so I just need to finish this cram course and review the book!


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