The Spreadsheet Guru Lives Up To His Name

As someone who does 95% of his work in Excel, I rely pretty heavily on all the available online resources that demonstrate methods. techniques, formulas and ideas for working with Excel. My career was basically launched on Excel skills and the first two real leaps in terms of job role were based very heavily on those particular skills.

I’ve visited many different sites in my time and have assembled a short list of my go-to sites when I need an answer that I can understand and trust.

The Spreadsheet Guru┬áis one such site and I am bringing this up today because he solved an old problem of mine with a completely free add-in of his, that I only had to subscribe to his newsletter to get access to. If you’re interested, the problem is centering text across cells instead of merging them (trust me, merging is the worst!).

After trying out the code he gave away free on his site and it working perfectly, I decided to pick up the add-in as well and get the nicer button option. This led me to a treasure trove of Excel Add-ins which I hadn’t even looked at before. The quality of the content that The Spreadsheet Guru provides for free is amazing, I am so happy that I started looking around properly for more than just the answer to my immediate question.

Anyone starting on their Excel journey, looking to extend their Excel skills, or just wants some shortcuts and buttons to make working in Excel easier would do well to visit this site. From the add-in side, I can only currently recommend the center across selection one from personal experience, but from VBA code experience (which is what is used in all the add-ins), you won’t be disappointed!

Since I mentioned my go-to sites, it would be unfair of me not to at least list them out for my readers, so here you go:

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