Marketing And Analysis

I wonder if it is somewhat inevitable that while researching how to do better competitor analysis, I would find my way into the world of marketing tools? I’ve been specifically looking at ecommerce sites and wondering how I would go about measuring competitors. The common metrics that turn up are to do with how often people Read More

What Certifications Are Worth Sharing?

As I was hoping yesterday, I have today completed the BPMN course and it turns out that Udemy certificates just ping straight into your inbox when you finish the final video (in this course anyway!). With that question answered, I started wondering about certifications and which ones are going to add the most value to my Read More

How To Figure Out If You’re On The Right Path

Today I decided to do a bit more research on what a Data Analyst really needs to have in their toolbelt in terms of skills, knowledge and experience. Browsing the courses on Udacity or Pluralsight, you could let yourself think that just finishing off the courses they recommend would get you there, but you can’t be Read More

You Suck At Excel

For a while last year I had the ambition to be the Lazy Excel Guy. I started up a website and made some posts, including videos, created a Facebook page and prepared demo workbooks and macros to share with other people. My own approach to Excel help was time-saving tricks and tools that helped an Excel Read More

Escape The Rat Race Using Cashflow

I’ve written before about this great book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, but forgot to mention one of the tools I discovered from this book that has really helped me understand how we should be using money to gain financial independence. This is of course the board game, Cashflow, which you can purchase physically from many online Read More