Excitement About The Next Step

Now that I have refocused on where I need to be looking, I am once again excited about the progress I am making. In my last post I mentioned an Excel Analytics course containing some of the skills I need to develop, which is on Pluralsight where I already have a subscription thanks to the PRINCE2 course I started (and still intend to finish as I need the skills more than I needed the certification).

Having a strong idea of what your next move should be is very empowering, so I am very glad I took the Role-IQ and Skill-IQ tests on Pluralsight, they demonstrate the point I made in another post about how useful it is to test yourself. Now that I know at least the names of the analytic methods I should learn more about, I can focus my course search to include them.

Besides the Excel course which included the chi-squared test, ANOVA and regression, I found some other courses on Coursera (called specializations, which group several courses with a fixed end goal in mind), Udacity (mainly intro courses there) and of course PluralSight (which I’ve added to a ‘channel’ group for focusing my development as an analyst).


I have no doubt that I can complete them all, the only challenges are the amount of time I need to spend on them all and the priority level I should give them. If I were a robot and wanted to prioritise the most obvious thing first, I’d just stick with the PRINCE2 courses, but I’m excited about learning more analytics and if I hold myself back from that then I might not feel as motivated. As an example, I spent a few hours last night with the Excel analysis course and was really happy after my study time, who can usually say that about studying? Not a lot of people.

I think I’ll indulge my urges and let myself run through the very shortest analytics to scratch my itch and then move back into PRINCE2 to finish learning the material. I know PRINCE2 is going to be incredibly useful over the next couple of months and I’m still eager to get my projects done in a structured and efficient way.

Curious what approach other people take towards learning what they want vs what they need soonest, feel free to leave a comment below!

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