Khan Academy Is Pretty Cool

Following on from my recent testing theme, I discovered that Khan Academy is absolutely chock-full of tests. I also found that I can learn some of the statistic and analytics methods I was interested in before from there, including chi-squared test and Bayes’ theorem, making it a valuable resource to use.

It’s very interactive and simple to use. For any test question you get stuck on, there are links available for the related videos right in the question. Not only that, but it will give you hints in exchange for the question not being added to your final score, which should help you understand it more as well, although you’ll have to prove your understanding later (not a bad thing).


I think that if all my learning resources could be so well structured with so many testing opportunities available, it’d probably be much easier!

Anyway, thanks to Khan Academy and the other resources, I’ve given statistics and analytics a fair bit of attention this weekend, so now I feel like I can get back into PRINCE2 and finish off the courses I started there. Stay posted if you want to hear more about that, or let me know in the comments if you want me to focus my writing on something else!

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