The Gradual Decline Of LinkedIn

Let me start by saying that I actually love LinkedIn. It is a brilliant professional networking resource, which allows you to join professional groups of interest, follow companies or professional influencers, network with colleagues past and present as well as acquaintances you have only met once, or even reach out to new people with a carefully crafted message about why you want to connect. All three of my last three jobs were acquired through my LinkedIn profile, from recruiters contacting me or me contacting them.

With that said and out of the way, the newsfeed is becoming far too Facebook-y. I quit Facebook last year because I didn’t feel like it was adding value to my life. My newsfeed, despite all my attempts to cultivate it by pruning back who appeared on there and upvoting what I wanted to see, was just full of things I wasn’t interested in that distracted me from my goals. At the time that I was still trying to make Facebook something relevant and useful to me, my end goal was to transform it into something more like LinkedIn.


I won’t pretend that every post on my LinkedIn feed was gold, there was still a lot of junk there, but there was a much higher ratio of relevant content there. News about personal career progression, employment opportunities, company’s advancing in some way or making announcements, personal development advice and groups, questions on how to achieve career goals. All great stuff.

Not so much any more. Now a lot of posts are being liked and shared and appearing higher in the newsfeed. There are social posts completely unrelated to business, such as just marvelling at someone’s abilities, or their reaction to something. I preferred when everything was given in a business context and was designed to help us achieve more professionally, now it feels like a lot of posts are pursuing the higher number of likes that Facebook posts go for, and so many people are taking the bait because they’ve been conditioned by Facebook to like everything. There is still more restraint on LinkedIn compared to Facebook, but it feels like it’s slowly turning into the same thing and I don’t like it.

And the worst part is that there are still really useful and great posts out there that I want to see as soon as they’re available, but some of them I may never see because nobody else liked them as much as they liked the cat videos…

Maybe it’s time I participate in other professional networking sites and stop worrying about LinkedIn?

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