Wherewolf Is A Pretty Fun Group Game

I’m not posting anything about productivity tonight, or tools, or education or learning new skills. It’s a little bit about personal development I guess, in as much as socialising more than I normally do.

I joined up with a group of strangers on a site called MeetUp to play a social game called Wherewolf. The basic premise is that at the start of the game you get assigned a random role and need to try and through discussion, choose your targets and eliminate them to get your side to win.


As a first time player, I was unsure in the beginning, but it took off eventually and I had a lot of fun, especially in the second game where I sacrificed my character for the good of the village and got to see who everyone was right from the start (my side won, my sacrifice was not in vain!).

Anyway, if you’re more than a little interested, the group I joined kindly shared the rules, roles and an introduction online, which I am going to link for you below as an end to this post:








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