Real World Applications of PRINCE2 Concepts

Sometimes when we are studying something, one of the questions that occurs to us is when am I going to use the thing I am learning in the real world? To be fair, we most often wonder this in standard education, like school or university, once you move into the business world you are more likely to have a goal in mind when you pursue any sort of further education.

Today I was writing an email to try and make a point about why a certain group of tasks didn’t really add much value to my work, with examples of when the perceived value had been overruled somehow, when I realised that I could actually apply some of the PRINCE2 knowledge I had gained recently!

The knowledge in question was one of the only areas that I felt I had studied well, the business case theme. I’d learned more about the business case theme than any other because that was the first theme taught in the Pluralsight course and the only one I’ve completed in full so far.


I didn’t apply everything I learned from the business case theme, because I wasn’t proposing a project and it was also the first time I had applied any of my PRINCE2 knowledge at work. What I did apply was summarising the case I wanted to make, and giving the benefits and dis-benefits of my proposal. I also gave some estimates of the costs of following my proposal vs the costs of not doing so, so I guess my case was more like a business case outline, where less detail is required.

Anyway, it was cool to apply some of what I had recently learned in my job, as my end goal was the same as that of a PRINCE2 project, to deliver an end product that has business justification for going through. I didn’t consider the other principles, but over time I will be able to apply my knowledge more and more, and now I’m motivated again to finish the PRINCE2 course to get more applicable knowledge!

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