What Kind of Analyst?

While researching analysis tools, it’s difficult not to notice all the different types of analysts that can use them.

Business analysts, commercial analysts, financial analysts, data analysts, the list goes on. And within those roles are all the different types of analysis that would be required, forecasting, insight, dashboards etc., which brings me to the following question:

What kind of Analyst do I want to be?


I’m in Commercial Finance right now and beginning a course for a Business Analyst qualification next year. 2 years ago I was pursuing a Business Analyst path, but my perspective has widened considerably since then and I don’t know how to decide between all the different options.

I guess what it comes down to is finding out what part of being an analyst appeals the most to me and pick the role that uses it the most?

At the moment I’m still leaning towards Business Analyst, but I’ll do some more research and see where it takes me!

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