Don’t Just Use Search Engines; Upgrade Your Search With Forums

As I mentioned before, I’m starting to focus more effort on what I will need to develop in for my next job. I know I need analyst skills and I’ve got a general idea of the skills I need and some confidence in the ones I’ve identified, but there are still several unknowns hanging around.

I’ve been on the data grabbing path lately and figured out how to easily scrape website data with tools like and blend the data in a big tool like Alteryx. I’ve then also remembered that simply searching for “alternative to ____” will yield several results where you can find better or cheaper or simpler tools to try out, such as Octoparse for desktop web-scraping.

I finally realised one last thing that will help immensely and I can hardly believe took me so long to figure out; forums. In this case I went to Reddit (which I’m not sure is a forum, but it’s a good place to start) and I searched for Business Analysis and Alteryx. I got so many useful results back with actual comments and advice from people with experience or figuring things out for themselves!


Seriously, anyone struggling to figure things out who isn’t already in some sort of class or study group should be searching on forums or posting their own questions, it’s absolutely the way to go, I even learned that you can become certified in using Alteryx, and the first two certification levels of Alteryx appear to be free to go for, although I’ll need to check out their prep materials to see if that’s a viable option.

It’s amazing what you can learn when you find the right place to look.

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