Studying With DataCamp Is Awesome (Not Neglecting PluralSight!)

I thought I had mentioned using DataCamp before, but I can’t find it referenced when I search through my posts. Anyway, today I am really starting to appreciate using DataCamp because not only is it letting me refresh my SQL skills, but it also has a handy page called XP per topic that tells you want courses are related to those topics. The reason that I am so pleased with this is that there is a topic of probability and statistics which includes many of the things I’ve been reading that I’ll need, such as regression, time series analysis, statistical modeling and much more.

I wasn’t sure about using DataCamp much lately, because I saw it mainly as a resource for learning Python, which will be helpful down the line but at the moment I want to jump right into analytics and for that I can just use tools like Alteryx, Tableau or Power BI. But from briefly viewing the courses available, it seems that I wasn’t giving the site enough credit and actually it has the potential to cover a huge amount of content that I wanted to learn all from one resource.

What I’ve done so far in the SQL courses has been very straightforward and easy to learn, not just because I’m familiar with the content but also because the particular teaching style where you apply what you’re learning directly and then get challenged on it later is a method I really enjoy.


I also still have a running subscription with PluralSight which also has a ton of courses that will help me learn the skills and knowledge I need, but, as I’ve said before, I don’t mind investing in my future, so I’m not too worried about spending a little extra from under-utilising my PluralSight subscription to take advantage of what DataCamp has to offer right now.

I know I was supposed to finish my PRINCE2 courses and I will, but I’m at least 68% of the way there on a Foundational level and would like to have some more foundations built before I change jobs!

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