SQL Isn’t All Easy SELECT Statements

After completing the Intro to SQL course on DataCamp I felt energised to move on to the next stage. I found another course there all to do with joins in PostgreSQL and since joins have been my weak point, it made sense to do that next.

The first few chapters went through pretty smoothly, as I was mostly drawing on my prior learning in SQL. The real challenge came in chapter 3 when I reached the more complicated kinds of queries, including intercepts, excepts and sub-queries. Completing this chapter took much longer than any of the other chapters and longer than the entire Intro to SQL course and I still don’t feel comfortable with the material. Now I have chapter four to move onto and I’m very wary that it could just go completely over my head and demotivate me from continuing.

The challenge here is not only the challenge of the material itself, the challenge is also myself and the limitations I believe I have. I know it can be learned and I know it isn’t easy to learn, but I don’t know it strongly enough to feel okay when it’s hard.


If I can push myself through this mental barrier and just keep on trying until I get it, I’m sure it won’t seem as bad. Often the fear of something is worse than the actual thing itself.

I read somewhere that when you’re stuck, you should imagine what advice you would give to a friend in the same situation and then follow it. I would tell my friend to take his time, try a little bit of the problem just to see how it goes and not worry about making mistakes because that’s one of the best ways to remember something.

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