Decisive Action Is Rare

Today during a conversation with a colleague, I was reminded how uncommon it is to act on your ideas and plans swiftly and decisively, even though it is the best way to get results.

I had a conversation with this colleague on Friday where we discussed how I was hoping to move soon as my tenancy is ending and I would like to take the opportunity to move to a more convenient location for my next job. I mentioned how one of the challenges was convincing my wife as she was unsure of moving around at the same time as other changes in our life (the new job mainly).

Later that evening when I was at home talking about it with my wife, she suggested a location and we found that it would work out really well for both of us. Not wanting to waste time, we started looking for properties there the very same evening and came across several promising properties. That weekend, my wife got in touch with a letting agent to book a viewing and then on Monday she booked 3 more for the same day.


We discussed the viewings later in the evening and agreed on which one we liked the most, also agreeing to put in an offer the next day and what the offer should be. My wife made the offer and today in the afternoon we were told our offer had been accepted and we now knew exactly where we were going to live once this tenancy is over.

All of this happened in under 6 days.

My colleague, when I told her this story, was amazed at how quickly we’d taken action, and this is not an uncommon response. Whenever my choices and actions to people, they are almost always surprised and often voice some reservations about my choices and actions.

Taking swift, decisive action is what has enabled me to progress in my career without any professional qualifications or a university degree. When I need to figure something out, I figure it out, and once I’ve decided what to do next, I do it. There is often very little to be gained by waiting, except for the opportunity to do other things while you wait, which is why I don’t feel guilty about the things I’ve put on hold.

I’m not always taking action and making decisions, in fact many days I do very little at all, but I don’t let uncertainty hold me back and that’s what I hope to show other people is a worthwhile goal in their lives too.

Taking action in the face of uncertainty is one of my favourite life hacks.

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