Don’t Be A Productivity Ninja

I’ve been writing about productivity for a good few months now, and pursuing it as a goal in itself for at least the last two years. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn, and the more productive I made myself.

Sometimes I would start using a tool that would provide me with a small productivity boost at the time, only to feel later that my potential was being limited by that very same tool and scraping around until I found a better tool or a better way of using the tool.

I learned how to use Toggl and Trello and Plan and Process Street. I tried and Redbooth and Asana and many more. I learned new methods for doing things, organising things, measuring and tracking my progress. I became more structured in many ways which translated into more structured work and projects. I began asking for deadlines, priority levels, details and reasoning from those making requests to me. I figured out how to manage my time more effectively and how to say no more often.

I studied and gained a certificate in PRINCE2, I’ve taken courses on Python, SQL, VBA, analysis, probability and statistics. I’ve read books on negotiation, continuous improvement, philosophy, business management, people management, finance, budgeting, investing, philosophy and psychology.

I’ve downloaded and utilised the Analysis Toolpak in Excel, Macabacus in Excel, Tableau, Alteryx, XYplorer, File Commander, PhraseExpress, Desktops v2.0, Octoparse and Evernote.


And there is always more.

I am much more productive than I was a year ago, but I am not a productivity ninja. Many days I don’t really do very much at all, some days at work I don’t have the energy to put my full effort into the work. But that’s okay!

Chasing productivity all the time is a sure path to burnout. If you want to sustain a productive lifestyle, you have to be willingly unproductive a lot of the time, more of a productivity yogi than a ninja. Choose your moments and be super productive some times, mildly productive the majority of the time and slothful the rest.

Don’t be a productivity ninja.

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