Trying To Build Better Routines

I’ve been posting to this blog almost every day for just over a couple of months now and I’m happy about that. I ditched the tracking and the prompts and I stopped holding myself up to difficult targets, such as word quotas, so I’ve really enjoyed the experience.

However, lately I am finding it less and less sustainable because I haven’t built a good routine around it. At the moment my routine is to write and post something before I go to bed, that some nights I get caught up in doing so many other things that I might end up writing a post at a ridiculous hour, as I am right now.

The thing is that I’ve been pretty resistant to routines up to now, so I’m not sure what way I want to go with it, I just know that I enjoy keeping my blog up and I want to continue.

So I’m going to try a few things out and see how it goes, maybe I’ll have a regular posting time with a regular posting place, or I’ll start using Evernote to capture my blogging ideas way before I use them, I don’t know yet. All I know is that I need to build a better routine.

Happy to take on any suggestions or advice from my experienced followers, even if only to point me to advice!

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