You Suck At Excel

For a while last year I had the ambition to be the Lazy Excel Guy. I started up a website and made some posts, including videos, created a Facebook page and prepared demo workbooks and macros to share with other people.

My own approach to Excel help was time-saving tricks and tools that helped an Excel user become more ‘lazy’ like myself, automating and simplifying their work so they could do more in less time and relax a bit more.

Initially it worked well, I got a chance to share my Excel knowledge in a place dedicated to it, but unfortunately it didn’t last.

The main hurdle was the amount of time it would take me to create a useful Excel post, as I was doing screen recording, test workbooks and coming up with ideas of things that people would find useful in Excel.

Eventually my site just sank. my ideas for it ran dry and work at my day-job picked up enough that I was teaching myself other tools and techniques to catch up to the workload in my free time. For a while I held the site on hiatus, planning to restart it in the future, but then I thought about what sort of career I wanted and labelling myself as the Excel guy just didn’t fit.

Fast forward to now and Excel is a small part of what I share with other people. There are other tools such as Trello and Process Street, as well as books and ideas that helped take me forward in my life, such as techniques I learned to deal with frustration.

There are more things I could share on Excel than I have here, but in a lot of cases there is already some very strong content available elsewhere online and I am not afraid to link to that rather than generating my own content for the same thing, such as another post I made on the very excellent Spreadsheet Guru.

On that note, I still want to really help other people with Excel and I came across a really good video that I think everyone should watch at least once and take note of the things they didn’t know before; You Suck At Excel.

Don’t be put off by the run-length, that video is full of content you should know in Excel. If it were available as a course, I would strongly recommend it as a starting point for anyone who has used Excel regularly in their work, since there are even a couple of tips there that I didn’t know. Since it isn’t a course, I would instead recommend that you re-watch that video a bunch of times until you can do at least half of the things he does in the video and for the check-listers among us there is even a handy Trello board for the video from which you can build your lists.


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