Udemy On Sale (Again)

The learning site, Udemy, is never far from some sort of sales promotion. Every time I want to learn a course on there, if they aren’t on sale at the time I just put the course into my cart and wait a few days or weeks, it’s usually on sale by the time I go back.

Today is a perfect example of that, courses on Udemy are again on sale for the next 2 days (Boxing Day sales), and I had a course sitting in my cart from a couple weeks ago that I got for 73% less than the original price.

It used to be that I would just look and try to find the information for free online, and it is almost always the case that you can, but when you buy a structured course then you are actually allowing yourself to learn faster and better than you would otherwise.

Online learning sites like Udemy provide us with a platform where others have reviewed the courses, so we have an idea of the quality before we get invested in them, as well as preview videos so that when there are many options, we can choose the instructor/s we like best.


The great part about Udemy courses is that once you have paid for them, you have lifetime access, unlike subscription learning sites which you only have access to for as long as you are paying your monthly or annual subscription. I’m not against subscriptions, I currently have them with PluralSight and DataCamp after all, but I do appreciate Udemy allowing us to revisit course material months or years down the line without any further cost.

The nice part of a non-subscription course is also that you don’t feel guilty when you take a few days off learning, as you can do the course any time. With PluralSight and DataCamp, every month you haven’t finished the courses you wanted to is another month of subscription costs, unless you decide to take a break from them.

As part of my analyst development, I found that BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) is one of the sought after skills and from looking at the material, it shouldn’t be too difficult to pick up! It should also fit nicely with the PRINCE2 skills I am still developing, things are really shaping up with the skillsets I’m putting together.


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