BPMN 2.0 And Cawemo

Yesterday I talked about the Udemy course I began to learn how to use BPMN to produce workflow diagrams. Since I have the time off work, I have much more free time than I really know what to do with, which means I have powered through that course a bit and am almost through with it.

BPMN is actually a really straightforward system to learn and considering that I’ve seen more than a couple of job postings list it in their desirable skills section, it is at least as valuable as the £10.99 it currently costs (it will likely come back on sale if it isn’t as you read this!) to undertake a Udemy course for it.

One of the things I love about taking online courses, is that in the process of teaching you a new skill, they also often introduce a new tool that you can use for free during the course. In the best of cases, these tools can accelerate the learning process by removing barriers to implementation, and the tool introduced during the BPMN course I am undertaking is one such tool.


I am talking about a tool available online for free called Cawemo. It is such an easy tool to build BPMN workflows, if you have any interest in that area, I would urge you to make a free account now and just start playing with it. If you are only using it for yourself, it’s just free and you can export the workflows as PDFs any time.

The toolbar did seem to be a little in the way, until I realised that you can move anywhere on the sheet by clicking and dragging around the screen, as you would on something like Google Maps, so it’s only in the way if you don’t want to move around.

You simply drag items from the toolbar onto the workflow and if you need to edit them, just click the placed item and a ton of options come up, as soon as you click away from that item they disappear, so the visual of the workflow is not messed up. To me, this is much more intuitive than my experience with Microsoft Office products, where you must right-click to see the editing options, or select the correct toolbar from the Office ribbon to get the options you need.

Anyway, I am planning on finishing the course tomorrow and earning my certificate of completion. I’ve never completed a Udemy course before, so I don’t know how you get the certificates or what they look like, I hope they’re hosted online so I can link to it though!

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