What Certifications Are Worth Sharing?

As I was hoping yesterday, I have today completed the BPMN course and it turns out that Udemy certificates just ping straight into your inbox when you finish the final video (in this course anyway!).

With that question answered, I started wondering about certifications and which ones are going to add the most value to my career; I’m sure that in the case of BPMN I can simply demonstrate or describe the skill rather than pursue official certification in it, like the OCEB2.

I’ve also acquired some other certificates from DataCamp, three in SQL and two in spreadsheets, which I’m proud of accomplishing but also a little worried that they demonstrate more of what I haven’t accomplished than what I have. This is where I am leaning towards going for something like Udacity’s Nanodegrees, as they would probably demonstrate full coverage of a topic rather than the bits and pieces I feel my DataCamp certificates show.


I guess my main concern is that the smaller certificates might somehow dilute bigger accomplishments, like PRINCE2.

Perhaps the answer is to simply link to my DataCamp profile as something of a portfolio, and leave certifications for things like PRINCE2 and maybe Lean Six Sigma later? Something to think about for the future.

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