The No-TV Challenge!

I want to challenge everyone reading this to go without TV, specifically scheduled programming, for as long as possible!


I haven’t had a TV in my house for 2 years now and these have been the most productive years of my life so far. Like any regular bad habit, once you break the TV habit, you find loads of time just hanging around, waiting to be used up. I’ve filled that time interacting with my wife, going out for random walks, doing more housework, writing my blog, playing boardgames and videogames, organising my life admin things (bills, finances etc), and a LOT of learning.

I still take time to relax and watch series, documentaries or films on NetFlix, but I choose what to watch and when to watch it, I’m not held to somebody else’s schedule. I no longer sit through adverts while waiting for my chosen show to resume and I don’t watch other programs I wouldn’t normally choose to watch while I’m waiting for mine to start. I do allow the NetFlix autoplay feature to run more often than I’d like to admit, but most of the time if I’m watching a series, I’ll watch two in a row and then do something else. I can say for sure that this wasn’t the case when I was a regular TV watcher!

Although my most recent years have been my best years so far for many other reasons, I feel like cutting TV out of my life was one of the things that helped make that happen. If just one person reading this tries it out and finds themselves with a few extra hours a week to do something better with their time, then I’d be happy.

Can you take on the No-TV challenge?

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