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I wonder if it is somewhat inevitable that while researching how to do better competitor analysis, I would find my way into the world of marketing tools?

I’ve been specifically looking at ecommerce sites and wondering how I would go about measuring competitors. The common metrics that turn up are to do with how often people search for the site, how often other searches lead them to the site and how many people actually visit the site. All pretty standard stuff, but how do you get that data on your competitors?

This is how I ended up looking at SEO marketing tools, as not only can they capture the relevant data on your own site, but they also have algorithms to track and predict the competitors’ metrics.

Since I want to start doing analysis, it definitely makes sense to know of these tools and the metrics they can make available, but how far down the rabbit hole is it wise to go?


I’ve looked at SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz and SimilarWeb to name a few. They are very marketing focused, offering suggestions on keywords for targeting and the like, so I’m cautious of getting too much in depth with them as I want to stick with analytics. On the other hand, they do provide useful info that I would love to get my hands on regularly, so I’ll definitely have to look into this area a bit more.

It may seem like I’m jumping the gun and that it might be better to wait for my new job to begin so I can see what I’m working with, but in my experience that hasn’t been the best decision and I want to try something different.

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