Preparing For Your Next Job Is A Better Way Of Working

Today I finally felt like I should seek some proper guidance on what I’ll need for my next job, and referred to the job spec I was originally sent before my first interview. It reminded me that the best insight on what you should be expecting to do in a role is not going to come from the market, but from the company giving the role.

Having reviewed the job spec, I’m definitely on the right path with the tools and learning I’ve been looking into, I’ve even been looking into tools that could replace certain tasks entirely if applied right.

I realised another thing while undertaking this quest to prepare myself for whatever I may be required to do in my upcoming role; preparing myself for my next job is also a better way of working!

Hopefully I’m not alone when I admit that a lot of the time when I’ve started a new job, I haven’t been really prepared for it, and spent at least 3 months getting to grips with my new responsibilities. This is probably even a factor in companies having the probation period, because the first three months aren’t easy for most people.

What if the first three months could be easy? What if we could prepare ourselves enough that when we sit down to do the work, we can just do it? Surely this would be a better way to work?


I’m not going to assume that I’m absolutely ready and I’m not going to hold any expectations, I’m prepared to go in with only my wits and Excel and build everything from scratch if that’s what is needed. My only aim going in is that I don’t have to learn anything except how to use a new tool and what their processes are. If there is need for automation or extracting data into templates in Excel, I should be able to do that from day 1. If I need to scrape data from a website, compare prices across hundreds of products from a ton of websites, I want that ability in my toolbelt before I even walk in the door. If I should be able to compare supplier prices, guarantees and service, I want to know how right now.

Preparing for your next job is a better way of working, don’t wait for it to begin.

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