You Are More Capable Than You Think

Today at work we had a consultant in to look at our current reporting process. He’s an old colleague and a friend, so it was very easy for me to talk him through everything and take on board what he was saying as well.

While guiding him through our reports, he was asking me technical questions about the ways the reports worked and we were discussing different things I had tried before to optimise them. Some of his questions even guided me to come up with solutions that I hadn’t thought of before; simply explaining why something had been done one way forced me to consider why and think of other ways it could work better.


Another highlight of the visit was that not only were the changes I want to make feasible and likely to bring about the time-savings I hoped for, but everything I had prepared already was heading in the right direction to get to that point, especially my more recent work. Being told that from someone who does this for a living was a real morale boost for me, especially after the tension I had felt coming back to work after the Christmas break.

During Christmas break I had mostly distracted myself with studying, but as the return to work and the projects left to complete loomed closer, I got more anxious. My second to last day off was the peak of my anxiety, until I went out to a funfair and terrified myself on one of the fair rides, that released a lot of the tension!

Now though, having returned to work and reviewed the optimisation opportunities with my consultant buddy, I have bounced back and am ready to conquer all of the reporting before I leave this job and move on to the next one!



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