I Don’t Have Any Time For …

I haven’t written on here for a few days, including the weekend, and the age old excuse popped into my mind when I was thinking about it, I don’t seem to have enough time to do everything I want to do. We’ve all said it at some time, and meant it many of those times, but what we really mean is that we chose to do something else instead, something that we decided had a higher priority than the thing we didn’t do.

Now in my case, my higher priority this weekend was relaxing and unwinding. I’d had a break from work, sure, but to me a break of more than a couple of days mostly means a bigger backlog of tasks when I return to work, and I certainly wasn’t let down in that department!


Sometimes when we say we don’t have enough time for something, if we are clear about why and say it out loud soon enough, it can lead to a better outcome than if we had simply stayed quiet, for yourself and others.

For example, the pressure is on now as I only have about 5 weeks left in my current job and there is a hell of a lot of things I would like to get done before I leave. This is where being absolutely sure I didn’t have time for all of those things came in handy, as I communicated this clearly with my boss and we had a few discussions about getting in some help and prioritising getting someone in to start while I’m still there, to smooth the handover.

Now that we’re back in the office, I got one of my three wishes and we have that consultant working with us. On Friday he helped automate the report outputs for the Monday reporting, and today he automated the inputs for the same report. Next step is for him to prepare a summary of figures for other people to use in their commentary and then I anticipate I could have the reporting done at least an hour earlier each week.

In summary we shouldn’t use the excuse that we don’t have enough time when we’ve actually prioritised doing something else, but when it really does apply then we should be willing to admit that some things are going to have to lose some priority or else be taken over by someone else to meet our deadlines.

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