The Early Bird Challenge

We have now been members of the early bird brigade for three days and I still feel a little lost in the mornings, unsure of what I can comfortably do in this period of time. Maybe the problem is planning, but my usual after work routine is to pick up and do things as I feel like it and I would be able to get a lot done easily with no planning at all. My feeling is that there is a period of adjustment you have to go through when you do a sudden switch from late nights to early mornings, where you start realising what you need to do differently as a result of the change.

While I’m still adjusting I have not been productive at all. I’ve played video games, watched YouTube, read simple articles and generally just chilled for the mornings before going to work. I realise that this is also an opportunity for me to reset my approach to productivity, because right now I’m not in the mindset to get much done which almost forces to just enjoy my free time.

As something I tend to struggle with, giving myself more free time was a habit I wanted to build for a while, and knowing a little about motivation and willpower, I know now that the sooner in the day after waking up that I try to build a new habit, the greater the chances of success.


There are still some teething problems with getting up early that nobody really mentions, like giving yourself an early bed time (9:30pm!), putting off things you usually do in the evening until morning (laundry, housework, putting out rubbish) and trying to go to sleep when your neighbours are loudly watching TV or listening to music can be quite taxing!

On the other hand, I am starting to feel convinced about this early morning thing, even though I have yet to gain any productivity from it, I’m starting to enjoy the ride a little at least.

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