Analyst Guy Challenge: 12 Weeks of Studying in 2 Days

Yesterday I stated my aim for this weekend to complete four courses. With a combined recommended study time of 12 weeks, this is going to be pretty hard! Having already begun the PowerQuery and Critical Thinking courses, I have a small head start, but still a long way to go. Better get cracking!

Shedding The Excel Guy Image

This weekend my goal is to shed the Excel guy image by developing proper analyst skills. Excel skills are something I don’t worry about too much any more, as I’ve got my usage of formulas, charts, VBA and pivot tables to a degree where I can do pretty much whatever I want within Excel. The next Read More

Excel Power Tools Are Easy?!

Although I think of myself as an Excel expert and there are very many things I can do easily that the average Excel user is dumbfounded by, there are also things Excel can do that I don’t really understand and am still intimidated by. An example of this are the Power tools than Excel provides, PowerPivot, Read More

How (And Why!) To Connect Excel To Google Sheets

The other day I mentioned about trying to find a solution to connect Google Analytics with Microsoft Excel. As a solution, Supermetrics seems to be more up to date with the current versions of Windows and Office, as the BlockSpring installation couldn’t detect my Excel installation even after instructing me to close my open instance of Read More