Thoughts From The Last Month

It’s been over a month since I last made a post on here and enough has happened that I’ve finally felt that I had too much to get off my chest to hold it in any longer.

When To Set Your Alarm?

In my last post I mentioned that I had switched to an early bird routine and I am proud to say that it is still going strong. Most days I now wake up around half 5 in the morning and go to bed between 9 and 10:30pm. The benefit is that I have a lot more control over my mornings than I used to, where I would usually be in a rush to get ready before I went to work. An additional benefit of getting up early is that when I was given the opportunity to start my work day an hour early, therefore leaving work an hour earlier in the afternoon, I could confidently take that opportunity.

Regarding night owls vs early birds, I don’t think that there is a right choice. As long as you consider your circumstances and what might work for you, it doesn’t matter. This is another one of those things where I like to tell people, just try it with an open mind.

Life Is Like A Recipe, Preparation Is The Key

Now, in the time I haven’t been writing, I have of course finished at my old job and started at my new one. I’ve been in the new role for 8 days but I am already making progress, which is thanks in great part to how I prepared before the job began. Even though I won’t need to know everything that I researched before I began the job, and things like my PRINCE2 certification won’t be coming into play just yet, none of that time or effort was wasted.

Now there are more things to learn, things I didn’t consider enough beforehand and I now need to catch up. I’m lucky in that there were no prior expectations of me to know anything beyond what I described in the interview, so I have time to get myself up to speed, but I really like being ahead of where I need to be and am always looking to accelerate that where I can.

I’m enrolled in the very simple Google Analytics Academy and after reading some feedback and completing the early assessments, it seems worth doing for anyone really, whether for interest or to build a foundation for your job. I’ve also got feedback from colleagues in marketing who use it and while the general rule is the same as everything else, hands-on experience is the best way, they agree that the course will start you off well.


One of the things that has put me off social media is the lack of realness and the exaggeration of non-issues from people. It’s something I worry about coming from myself as well, we all put a filter on our lives before allowing the world to look in, it’s simply in our nature to try and portray ourselves in a way that we think will benefit us. There are some people who share the dark side of their lives, but there is still quite often something in it for them, whether it be as simple as attention, comfort from strangers or something more complex. I am not ashamed that I have done this as well, because it is all human behaviour and while I am trying to be the best kind of person I can be most of the time, some of the time I’m not trying at all and a lot of the time I don’t meet my own standards either.

In this I struggle because I don’t know how much to share and how much to keep back, I can share my personal difficulties so that my readers will trust in my authenticity, but I am still gaining something from that so is it really real?

Am I A Feminist?

I wonder this a lot as a man, can I really be a feminist without having gone through the struggles that women do? It’s almost the same as how I can’t truly understand and advocate black rights as a white man, they have their own voices and I don’t see how another white man’s voice can help.

I’ve recommended feminist literature to my wife because she grew up in an environment of traditional family values, where the women served the men in the family, and that doesn’t feel like a partnership to me. I need to be reading the literature myself as well, but I will be the first to admit that I am a bit sensitive and some of the more disturbing realities of the lives of women intimidate me just from having a vague idea of them, let alone diving into the details.

Lately, this culminated in me buying a book of ‘light’ feminism, How To Be A Woman, because I’m not ready for the hard stuff yet and the author made me laugh in the first few pages, then the next few, and throughout the first two chapters.

A quick search also brings up some rather heartwarming results, such as a former NFL player advocating for feminism and teaching companies how to embrace it better, here.

Final Word

I lost patience with the WordPress app just before my last post, as I found that leaving drafts open in the app would result in them becoming unpublished if you published them from elsewhere. Although this is bad design, it was also my fault as I’d experienced that happening once before and should have kept it in mind. It is all too easy to blame others for our mistakes, even knowing the pitfalls and risks. I don’t want to be the kind of person who puts blame on everyone but themselves, I’ve witnessed how that impacts lives and I don’t want my life to go that way.

Althought I do appreciate the WordPress service and community, I do feel like it is a bit of a niche these days, with other platforms like Medium having a larger share of engaged users. I’ve been toying with the idea of migrating or syndicating, but I haven’t made time to look into it yet.


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