Google Digital Garage: The Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing

To better understand the marketing department I will be working closely with, I thought it would be helpful to understand not only how Google Analytics works, but also how marketing online itself works.

If you’re reading this post, you’ve experienced at least some digital marketing, such as the ads that support this free blog. But the question I wanted to answer for myself was; Do I really understand the fundamentals of marketing, from the side of the marketers?

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So it was I found myself on the Google Digital Garage, subscribing to their certified Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course. Depending on your level of experience, it could take you from a couple of hours of work all the way up to 40 plus the time it takes to complete the quizzes. There are 26 modules covering a small topic in videos up to around 5 minutes long each, with text transcripts for those who prefer to read and multiple choice assessments at every stage to test your retention of what you’ve just seen, read or already think you know.

Having spent some time with it, and having had some prior experience with marketing and website analytics in particular, nothing in this course really challenged me. The questions were simple and although a couple of times my assumptions needed refining to progress, on the whole I found that skipping the videos, completing the short assessments and then finishing off the final quiz in each topic was relatively easy going. Your experience may differ of course, depending on what background you are coming from.

So what did I gain in the end from this course, besides an easy certificate?

Well, I think that in a course such as this, it’s not about really challenging yourself, it’s about reassuring yourself that your fundamental knowledge of digital marketing is complete.

So Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing on the Google Digital Garage is certainly worth doing for something working alongside, or just starting out in, marketing. For marketing veterans it probably isn’t as valuable, but since they should be able to whizz through most of it in under two hours, I would still probably recommend giving it a look in!

Google Digital Garage: The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

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