Not Working In A Pressure Cooker

Another Monday, another beginning of the week at my new job. Today I started feeling the pressure a bit as I tried to get several reports all done at the same time, including one report that we had only just finished putting together last week and doesn’t yet have a proper process to it.

Most of that pressure was self-imposed, and if I’d asked my manager, he would have told me early on not to worry too much. So why did I put myself under that pressure?


We all aspire to hit certain goals that we set for ourselves and I’ve come from an environment where every team is lean and every report has a tight schedule. This meant that every person was constantly working close to 100% of their capacity, which is not as efficient as it may sound.

I’m slowly adjusting to working in a slower paced, more thoughtful environment. The actions are taken more rapidly, but we are not loaded down with busy-ness, so there isn’t a delay when we really do need to act fast.

I’m really enjoying myself now, just need to keep an eye on that habit of withdrawing quietly as the pressure builds up!

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