Goodbye Motorbike

I started riding a motorcycle in my mid-twenties, over 6 years ago now. I wished I’d started sooner, because it was such a great way to get around; it was a blast to ride and I gained a level of freedom I’d not experienced before. It also helped me learn the roads better and develop a better appreciation for the roads and drivers.

Not my bike but definitely the right setting!

I used it to commute into central London from, practically, Kent, which took an hour by motorcycle. If that sounds long, a colleague who lived nearby took almost two hours by train (and sometimes longer) and I imagine it took almost as long by car judging from how many of them I overtook along the way.

I moved to west London over a year ago and the easiest way for me to get to work, which was still good for time, was actually by train. For almost the entire time that I was living in west London, I got the train to work and left my motorcycle locked up outside, covered of course. Due to where I was living, I was surrounded by good public transport and easy access to pretty much all of London.

It’s come to 2019 and I’ve moved even closer to where I work, it’s now a 25 minute walk away. Not only that, but there are 3 big supermarkets and a train station just 5 minutes down the road. My need for personal transport has completely diminished and with it, my desire to hold on to the motorcycle.

I loved being a biker, but today was the day I finally traded in my motorcycle; not for another motorcycle, but just to not have it anymore. The battery was dead and it needs a service, I declared it SORN recently so I didn’t have to tax and insure it. It was basically just baggage by this point and it had been bothering me for a long time, especially with it being on finance, so I’m glad I got rid of it, but also a little sad, because I have some great biking memories.

Some people would call it getting old, but I think I’m just being reasonable. I’ve already told my wife that once we have a house with a garage and a car, I’m probably going to have a motorcycle again, but until then I’ll just make do with trains, buses and my own two feet.

It’s not the end or beginning of anything, just another step forwards in making my life as I want it to be, rather than letting life make me.

Goodbye biking, see you again some time!

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